How can you really boss up?: “Advocate, advocate, and advocate more!” – Stephanie

Being a mom is a full-time job and is very rewarding as you see your children strive. And being a mom of children with special needs is another challenge many moms face daily.

Dr. Lauren and guest speaker Stephanie Frumkin, a Maryland-based educational consultant and special education advocate, discuss the difficulty of finding the best education for special needs children. In this episode, Stephanie shares her struggles finding the best education for her special needs kid. She also talked about her journey as a mother with gifted children, which led her to advocate for special needs education.

Tune in to know why you are the best advocate for your child and why you should boss up and help them receive the best education they deserve.

Highlights & Resources:

  • The challenge of finding education for special needs children
  • Racial status vs. equitable education
  • Bossing Up as an education advocate
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Guest Bio

Stephanie Frumkinis a Maryland based educational consultant and special education advocate. She is a graduate of COPAAs Special Education Advocacy Training 2.0 and theMaster IEP Coach mentorship. Stephanie is also the owner of Exceptional Educational Solutions and is a mom of two. Stephanie shares her son's disability story in today's episode. 

Find Stephanie on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

LinkedIn | Stephanie Frumkin, M.A. Ed.

Instagram | @stephaniefrumkin

Website |

Facebook |

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About This Podcast:

Hey Boss Moms! I am Dr. Lauren, CEO, and founder of Think Dyslexia. This podcast explores motherhood, mom guilt, understanding that this is a JOURNEY, and how to put on YOUR oxygen mask FIRST before going full speed ahead with the special education process to fight for your child's rights