“Know what works for most kids; not just dyslexic kids”- Debbie

Having dyslexia running in your family can be challenging. Being a mom to a dyslexic kid is a whole other level.

Dr. Lauren and guest speaker Debbie Meyer, a member of the Dyslexia (Plus) in Public Schools Task, discussed the hardships of diagnosing kids with special needs. They also discussed how her son had been diagnosed with dyslexia without naming it. It’s no secret that finding equitable education for gifted children is challenging. That’s why Debbie took on her role as “Momvocate” for her dyslexic son and worked hard to get his educational support.

Debbie is a strong advocate and mom of a child with dyslexia. She fights tirelessly to dismantle the dyslexia-to-prison pipeline. Listen to Debbie's fierce story to fight for change.

Highlights & Resources

  • Debbie’s  Dyslexia Journey: Frustration to Resolution
  • What is Special Education
  • How Debbie found out his son is Dyslexic
  • Education inequity: Specialized schools vs. public schools

About Our Guest

Debbie Meyer is a founding member of the Dyslexia (Plus) in Public Schools Task Force, a small team of community leaders dedicated to assisting students with dyslexia and other language-based challenges to succeed in their local schools. She also serves on the boards of the Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children and Harlem Women Strong, and she is a participant in the literacy committee for the Arise Coalition.

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