Finding and providing support for your children’s equitable education is hard. Especially if they have a language-based learning disability (LBLD). As parents, we must learn more about our children to help them strive.

In this episode, Dr. Lauren and guest speaker Kait Feriante, a certified Learning Behavior Specialist and Dyslexia Practitioner, delve into what pushes them to learn more about Dyslexia. Kait also shared her passion for helping people of all ages with LBLD and how she discovered that her husband and daughter have Dyslexia.

Tune in to know more about Kait’s Dyslexia Mom journey and hear her advice to all Dyslexia moms out there!

Highlights & Resources

  • Kait and her daughter’s Dyslexia Journey
  • How Kait finds out her daughter and husband are Dyslexic
  • How her daughter reacts to school
  • Kait’s message for Dyslexia Mom Bosses

About Our Guest

Kait Feriante is the Founder and CEO of Redwood Literacy, Board President and Co-Founder of Redwood Schools, as well as the founding instructor for the Redwood at Lawndale Program. Growing up in Europe from age 5-15, she experienced the richness that comes from experiencing everyday life in a variety of different cultures across her foundational years. 


Moving back to the States as a teenager, she dropped out of high school after her sophomore year and started community college at the age of 16. She graduated from Illinois State University in 2011 with her Learning Behavior Specialist Bachelor's degree. 


Between 2012 and 2018, she worked as a teacher at Chicago Public School and Noble Charter School teacher on the South and West sides of Chicago. In 2018, Kait founded Redwood Literacy with a deep desire to see the evidence-based reading intervention she had seen change the course of many of her students’ lives become more widely available to any student who needed it. She and her partner have three children themselves. 


As educators and parents, they know how transformative a positive, inspiring, and effective educational experience can be for kids and how frustrating it is to watch your child or student consistently be misunderstood and denied the right support they need to succeed. 


They wanted to create a place specifically for folks with dyslexia, where they felt like they belonged, were understood, and were given the tools to be successful. Kait is on the Everyone Reading Illinois Board of Directors and a member of the International Association of Dyslexia. She also has appeared in several publications, including Chalkbeat and Britannica. 



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