“Growth describes our D-cubed journey.” – Brandy

Schools measure intelligence through a child’s reading and writing ability. And many times, teachers are not educated enough about various learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, and they fail to address children’s needs properly. This is being experienced by many moms and kids in our school system, and one of them is my former client, Brandy.

Brandy is a mother of three children. She was first in denial that her middle child had dyslexia as it was not clear to her what the symptoms were. She also just took the observations and assessment of the teachers that her child is fine. She lacked the information and support about her child’s condition. 

In this episode, Brandy shares how another mom who also has a kid with dyslexia helped her to get information and get an educational therapist for her child. She also shared how after changing schools, they got access to a support program for kids with dyslexia. Having dyslexia is not due to a lack of intelligence; it’s a lack of access to awareness, information, and support. 

Be your child’s advocate and seek the support you need!

SOON! I am co-writing a book with some other SLPs. It's about the SLP Dyslexia Guide. So stay tuned for that!

Highlights & Resources:

  • What word described Brandy’s D-cubed journey
  • The denial stage of Brandy of having a child with dyslexia
  • Symptoms that Brandy observed on her child
  • Teachers in the previous school of Brandy’s child are not aware about the symptoms of children having special needs
  • Support group from Brandy’s child's previous school has only 2-4% of intervention success in 20 minutes period
  • Separating the measure of intelligence from reading and writing ability
  • Schools granting access programs for dyslexia students but not lowering expectations
  • White and children of color have a different journey of having dyslexia but experiencing the same discrimination
  • How paramount is an occupational therapist in the process of kids that have dysgraphia
  • Brandy’s advice for moms is to feel good about their journey and boss up

About Our Guest

Brandy is a California Mom of 3. Her middle child struggled in school for years before being identified as dyslexic in the 4th grade during the “zoom school” year. This led her to a frenzy of searching for information, supports, and effective instruction all while navigating the emotional impacts on her child from years of being unsupported in reading and writing. She is an advocate for teacher education in the Science of Reading, Orton Gillingham trained special educators and supportive parent communities.
“Once you have learned how reading is acquired, you can't unsee it.” She is grateful for the knowledge she gained that helped her to identify and support her youngest child early and helps her be effective student support when working in classrooms.

About This Podcast:

Hey Boss Moms! I am Dr. Lauren, CEO, and founder of Think Dyslexia. This podcast explores motherhood, mom guilt, understanding that this is a JOURNEY, and how to put on YOUR oxygen mask FIRST before going full speed ahead with the special education process to fight for your child's rights, and SO much more.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way through this journey! Are you ready to gain resources and knowledge to become confident and lose the overwhelmed? Are you ready to become a Dysle

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