“ First, I want to say that there’s nothing wrong with your students.” – Deb Morris

The percentage of high school students is surprisingly high across the globe. But its equally hard for students and teachers to find equitable reading education.

Teaching high schoolers with low literacy rates can be challenging to teachers. Not to mention that students also undergo stress.  So how can we resolve that?

In this episode, Deb Morris, an Accredited Training Fellow of The Orton-Gillingham Academy discusses the proper way how teachers can help students who struggle with reading in a less daunting way that both teachers and students benefit from.

Want to teach your high school students effectively? Tune in today and learn more from Deb!


  • Deb’s journey being a “fellow” service provider
  • The importance of literacy
  • Gold star standard of the Orton-Gillingham Academy 
  • Deb’s advice to teachers who are working in low-income communities with low literacy rates 
  • The challenge of teaching high schoolers to read
  • How to empower both students and teachers

About Our Guest

Deb Morris is the founder of Orton-Gillingham Nation, which offers online tutoring, as well as training at the Classroom Educator, Associate, Certified, and Fellow levels. She is an Accredited Training Fellow of The Orton-Gillingham Academy and serves on its Standards Committee. She holds a Master’s degree in Literacy Education and is a licensed Secondary English teacher and Reading Specialist. 

Deb’s formative years in education were shaped by her passion for equity, which led her to an innovative high school in Providence, Rhode Island that used the real world as a learning lab. In her role as Literacy Coach, she provided 1:1 and small group Orton-Gillingham instruction to students. 

Additionally, she facilitated Orton-Gillingham training for staff members, as well as for community volunteers who completed their practicum experiences with her students. In 2016, she left the classroom to be the Orton-Gillingham Specialist/Curriculum Developer for a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that specializes in providing Orton-Gillingham training. 

In this capacity, she assisted in training and supervising teachers at the Classroom Educator, Associate, and Certified levels in the New England area.

In 2020, Deb revisioned her practice, returning to her first love – empowering students by teaching them to crack the code for reading, spelling, and writing. As demand for online, remote Orton-Gillingham training grew, Deb began working with individuals and school districts ready to bring the science of reading into the classroom. 

Teachers and administrators steeped in the science of reading are the key to providing a legacy of literacy to future generations.

Connect With Deb

Instagram: @orton.gillingham.nation

Website: www.ortongillinghamnation.com

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