Finding equitable evaluations and assessments for your child’s struggles can be challenging, especially in public services. It is also hard to find reliable sources of information in the private sector because few professionals can pinpoint your child's needs. So, what’s a Dyslexia Mom Boss going to do? Listen to this episode and learn what you need to know!

In this episode, guest Dr. Karen Wilson, a clinical neuropsychologist specializing in assessing children and adults, discusses her experience as a neuropsychologist and shares her insights about unbiased evaluations for children with Dyslexia and other learning disorders. 

She also shares how parents will find unbiased assessment and support for their children and how to deal with other issues that co-occur with Dyslexia.

Are you ready to advocate for your child? Get your pens and notebooks, and tune in today!

Highlights and Resources:

  • What inspired Dr. Karen to be a Neuropsychologist
  • A day in a Neuropsychologist's life
  • The difference between Neuropsychologists and Psychologists
  • Equitable evaluation based on a neuropsychologist standpoint
  • How parents find unbiased assessment and support for their children
  • Other issues that co-occur with Dyslexia
  • The challenges of being a Mom who doesn’t know their child’s struggles
  • Dr. Karen’s advice for all Dyslexia Mom Bosses
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  • ChildNEXUS Podcast –

About Dr. Karen

Dr. Wilson is a clinical neuropsychologist and founder of NexusCHILD, who specializes in assessing children and adults. These specialized and comprehensive evaluations help clarify the causes of difficulties an individual is experiencing (e.g., memory problems, difficulties focusing, trouble with finding the right words when speaking, struggles with reading or organizing written work). 

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