The hesitation to certify that a child is “dyslexic” extends beyond the desire to avoid a term that may hurt children. Many schools across the country have long refused to use the term, allowing many to avoid providing special education services mandated by federal law. According to scores of interviews with parents, students, researchers, attorneys, and instructors around the country, many public schools fail to recognize kids with dyslexia and ignore their needs.

Candi Sellers, a teacher, parent and academic language therapist, and an Orton-Gillingham Fellow, shares about her profession and how she teaches her own child at home. She is highly invested in her children’s education and has a personal understanding of the challenges that parents of dyslexic children face. She also delves into what parents should look for in a practitioner and the importance of finding the right practitioner to work with. She also emphasizes that parents should look for someone who has specialized training in dyslexia and who takes a holistic approach to treatment.  

Candi also stated how she individualizes therapy plans for each family as dyslexia is a complex condition that affects children in different ways, so it's important to tailor the treatment approach to each child's specific needs. 

Discover valuable insights from dyslexia expert Candi Sellers – tune in now!

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Candi Sellers – Orton-Gillingham Approach
  • What should parents look for in a practitioner, and what are the qualifications a practitioner should possess?
  • Candi’s recommendation on how parents should handle their dyslexic child’s learning process
  • How does Candi individualizes the plans for each families
  • What is a holistic approach and why is that appropriate?
  • Importance of  honesty, open, and constant communication. 

About Candi Sellers

Candi Sellers is a wife, teacher, academic language  therapist, Orton-Gillingham Accredited Training Fellow, homeschool parent of a neurodivergent learner, and advocate for students of all ages. She is a certified academic language therapist and qualified instructor with ALTA, which is the Academic Language Therapy Association, also a structured literacy Dyslexia specialist with Siri. She is a certified teacher and has experience in public school, independent schools and in home school settings.

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