The alarming shortage of speech-language pathologists in Africa is mainly related to the limited availability of educational programs in speech-language pathology. There is limited research on neurodiversity in various African countries, and cultural attitudes towards neurodivergent individuals vary widely. However, there are some initiatives and organizations that are working towards greater acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity.

Jeannette Roberes,  a speech pathologist and software engineer, shares what she does and she explains why she is relevant to the Dyslexia Mom Boss podcast. Jeannette also discusses what neurodiversity looks like in some African countries as cultural attitudes and practices towards neurodivergent individuals vary widely and what is available accommodations for neurodivergent individuals. She also shares what clinicians in the places she visited look like to diagnose their patients with speech and language problems.

Let's work together towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodivergent individuals. Listen now !

Highlights and Resources:

  • Who is Jeanette and why is she relevant to the Dyslexia Mom Boss podcast
  • What does Neurodiversity look like in some African countries and what are the accommodations that they have available for neurodivergent people to find success 
  • What does it look like for the clinicians to diagnose in places she have visited
  • How do they deliver their book about Dyslexia in the hands of the right people
  • What is a holistic approach and why is that appropriate?

About Jeannette Roberes

Jeannette Roberes, M.Ed. has worked as a speech and language pathologist, software engineer and educator. She empowers those with special abilities to pursue employment in the tech industry. Jeannette’s love for technology is documented in her book Technical Difficulties: Why Dyslexic Narratives Matter in Tech. Currently she works within the intersection of technology, accessibility and social justice.

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