Reading is fundamental, but it can be challenging for some children, particularly those with dyslexia. Despite these challenges, dyslexic children can learn to read and succeed in school and beyond. They can develop the reading skills they need with appropriate support and interventions to achieve their full potential.

Terrie Noland, Vice President of Educator Initiatives, is passionate about empowering dyslexic learners by providing them with the tools and strategies they need to succeed. Her firsthand experience with the challenges dyslexic children face in their reading development has led her to advocate strongly for Learning Ally. This nonprofit organization provides audiobooks and other resources to dyslexic learners. She believes that Learning Ally can be a powerful tool for empowering dyslexic learners and helping them to develop the reading skills they need to succeed. Parents can also support their dyslexic children's reading development by incorporating Learning Ally at home. Encouraging their child to use audiobooks to supplement their reading practice and providing access to various audio-form books can help improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Check out Learning Ally's resources for dyslexic learners and help empower them to improve their reading skills. Encourage the use of audiobooks at home and support their journey to success!

Highlights and Resources:

  • What brought Terrie into this science of reading space and why is she passionate about this work
  • About coaching
  • About why Learning Ally can empower our Dyslexic learners and how can parents really incorporate this resource at home
  • How can parents lead in this work for their child
  • How can parents inform themselves first
  • Benefits of parents needing a coach in this journey, and how can that be a game changer for their family
  • Difference between coaching and therapy

About Terrie Noland 

Terrie Noland, Ph.D., CALP is the Vice President of Educator Initiatives. For 25 years, Dr. Terrie Noland has put her energy into education and literacy; first as a teacher and administrator, and now as V.P. of Educator Initiatives for Learning Ally, a nonprofit dedicated to “Literacy for All.” Terrie's mission is to spark a flame of enthusiasm in others for continued personal and professional growth and development.

In her daily work, Terrie mentors K-12 educators about the latest research around the science of reading and effective tools and resources that support reading skill practice and language development for underserved student populations. In addition, she hosts a podcast, Learning Ally Literacy Leadership, striving to unify stakeholders in schools and districts (administrators, teachers, specialists and parents,) to build a community of literacy champions and make transformative changes to smash the literacy divide.

Recognized as a thought-leader, Terrie speaks about literacy at national education conferences and webinars that draw thousands of educators to hear captivating stories, take-away strategies, research, and best practices, which she always delivers with humor, and inspiration.

She is a Certified Academic Language Practitioner and stays grounded in a Structured Literacy approach by tutoring students weekly. Terrie has a Ph.D. in Literacy and Educational Leadership from St. John's University. She is a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, trainer, and member of the President's Advisory Council. She also hosts the Spotlight on Dyslexia and Spotlight on Early Literacy series by Learning Ally and builds communities of educators to advance best practices in classrooms. Terrie's passion runs deep for children not proficient in reading. She is truly an advocate for them and the educators who serve them.


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