A child's comprehension can vary widely from one child to another. One effective tool that can help improve a child's comprehension skills is decodable texts. Decodables are books designed to help children learn and practice phonics. 

Jen Jones, a highly qualified K-12 Reading Specialist and ELA Staff Developer, has shared that although she was not aware of the term “science of reading” early in her career, she has always been passionate about teaching phonics to her students. As a mother and a teacher, Jones has experienced “mom guilt” due to the challenges she faced with her child, who has dyslexia. Her experience with dyslexia has fueled her advocacy for evidence-based reading instruction, including phonics, phonemic awareness, and other foundational skills. Jen is now recognized as a strong advocate of the science of reading. She is committed to supporting educators and parents in promoting positive outcomes for all students, including those with dyslexia. 

Join Jen Jones in promoting evidence-based reading instruction and supporting students with dyslexia. Explore Hello Literacy's resources to improve your teaching practices and help all students succeed.

Highlights and Resources:

  • Was Jen Jones always a believer in the science of reading
  • Mom guilt
  • Tier one instruction 
  • Resources from Hello Literacy that parents could really benefit from
  • Importance of actionable steps and advice on improving literacy
  • Building a child’s comprehension
  • What Hello Literacy can offer

About Jen Jones

With 28 years of teaching experience in California, Florida, and North Carolina, Jen Jones is a highly qualified K-12 Reading Specialist and ELA Staff Developer. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in English and Psychology, as well as a Master's degree in K-12 Reading. In addition to her teaching and staff development work, she is also a TpT Teacher Author and CEO at Hello Literacy®, where I design and create teaching materials for educators. As a font designer, keynote speaker, chapter author, and decodables author, Jen has a deep passion for the art and science of reading and she is dedicated to promoting literacy and advocating for evidence-based reading instruction.

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