Learning to read is a fascinating process that involves our brains and language working together. However, some people, like those with dyslexia, may face challenges when learning to read. 

In this episode, Heidi Jane, a former balanced literacy teacher, shared her journey in the science of reading. As she began encountering the challenges faced by dyslexic children in learning to read, she became motivated to make a difference. Heidi delved into the research and best practices surrounding dyslexia and reading acquisition, equipping herself with valuable knowledge to support these students. She passionately discussed how we can assist dyslexic children on their reading journey. By sharing her experiences and insights, Heidi aims to raise awareness and guide those seeking to support dyslexic children's reading development.

Take the first step in supporting dyslexic children's reading journey!

Highlights and Resources:

  • Heidi’s journey in the science of reading
  • About how we can really help dyslexic kids to read
  • The first resource that she recommends to parents who are needing immediate help with their child's reading
  • Tips that she can offer parents who are navigating this journey within the public schools
  • How can parents navigate those memorization issue in schools
  • About her business

About Heidi Jane

Heidi Jane is a former balanced literacy teacher who ACCIDENTALLY found out that there is actually a science to how we learn to read. She started to learn as much as she could and wanted to share everything she was learning with whoever would listen. She has made it her mission to continue to educate herself and raise awareness so that all teachers & parents have access to the research & evidence on how we learn to read.

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