The stigma associated with children with disabilities continues to be a persistent issue in society, significantly impacting their lives and the lives of their families. Despite efforts to promote inclusivity and raise awareness, negative attitudes and misconceptions persist, creating barriers to equal opportunities and hindering the overall well-being of those affected. 

In this episode, we are honored to hear from Sandy Dorsey, a speech-language pathologist (SLP), educator, and global advocate for children with special needs. Sandy shares her lifelong dedication to raising awareness and promoting inclusivity, particularly in speech and communication. She founded Smiles for Speech, which has a clear mission to provide support and resources to children with speech disorders and their families in various African countries. Through a range of initiatives, including therapy programs, workshops, and community events, Smiles for Speech aims to empower children, enabling them to communicate effectively and lead fulfilling lives. Sandy's work serves as an inspiration, and through this discussion, we gain insights into her valuable contributions and the importance of fostering inclusivity for children with disabilities.

Take action today! Join the movement for inclusivity and support children with disabilities.

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Sandy Dorsey
  • Mission of Smiles for Speech
  • Exploring the stigma of mothers and caregivers of disabled children
  • How the educators and schools handle language based learning differences such as Dyslexia in African countries
  • Making materials available that are appropriate for the country

About Sandy Dorsey

Sandy Dorsey is a leading, speech-language pathologist (SLP), educator, and global advocate for children with special needs. She has provided diagnostic and therapeutic speech services for over 25 years in a variety of SLP care settings. Sandy serves primarily diverse and underserved communities in her New-York-based private practice, All About Speech, LLC, with a team of speech-language pathologists and clinical fellows. In July 2017, Sandy’s commitment to children living in disadvantaged communities with limited access to resources prompted her to found the non-profit organization, Smiles for Speech, Inc. As a proud Howard University alumnus, Sandy has leveraged her education and decades of life experience to partner with programs globally to provide access to experts and investors needed to develop programs to ensure that the most vulnerable children reach their full potential. Sandy’s vision is to create a world where a child’s future is not bound by circumstances such as a disability, socioeconomic status, race, or gender. 

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