Many people are often unaware of the existence and significance of their higher self. Understanding and connecting with one's higher self can be fundamental when caring for a child with dyslexia, as it can provide a source of guidance, intuition, and empathy that significantly enhances the child's support and well-being.

Morganne Owens, a licensed school psychologist, therapist, and coach who helps people self-actualize, shares that her love for helping people heal has profoundly impacted her. This love enables her to approach her endeavors with empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. She emphasizes the crucial role of self-care and self-compassion for moms to better care for their dyslexic children. Seeking a supportive community and educating oneself about the child's needs can further boost confidence and empower moms on their caregiving journey.

Take the first step towards embracing your higher self and unlocking its potential to impact your child's life positively.

Highlights and Resources:

  • Morganne’s love for inspiring and healing people and its impact on her work.
  • Advice for moms to feel confident about taking care of their child, internally and externally.
  • The importance of focusing on internal health rather than external appearance for moms on their parenting journey.
  • Morganne’s therapy works for empowering black girls.

About Morganne Owens 

Morgan Owens is an intuitive and holistic therapist & coach who helps people self-actualize and align with their true potential. By training, she is a licensed therapist and a school psychologist. She specializes in progressing therapy and catapulting people into wellness. Not only does she use clinical expertise, but she also shows people the true path to health; which radiates from getting connected to our Inner Selves. 

On her journey, she has worked with adults, children (and their parents), families, & couples. She was trained by Dr. Beck’s colleagues in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and fell in love with having useful skills to partner with others. This process escalated when she personally discovered the power of holistic healing. Knowing how the mind, body, heart, and Soul are connected, Morganne found ways to help curb anxiety, depression, and common occurrences, like trauma. Systems, intersectionality, communities, advocacy, the planet, healthful foods, the power of belief; and how all of these things are intimately interwoven in the dynamics of health became a reality to me. Morganne now teaches people how to elevate their consciousness, and change their frequency, so they can move towards self-actualization and truly have wellness, happiness, wholeness, and real life.

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