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What are your core values? Is it something you just set or something that aligns you with your goals?

In this episode, we will explore determining your core values. As a teacher and business owner, your core values serve as guiding principles that align you with your goals. They clarify your direction and enable you to measure success daily, bringing you closer to achieving your objectives. We often navigate through life without a clear sense of purpose, but having clarity on our core values acts as our compass, propelling us toward success.

In this episode, I’ll share my core values so you may get inspiration from them in forming your own. These core values serve as my driving force. I encourage you to reflect on your core values and start by contemplating what truly matters to you and what is non-negotiable. Identify three to five core values and explore why they are significant. Consider how they align with your desired path and shape your business.

Join me in this episode as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and harnessing the power of core values to fuel personal and professional growth.

Here is a core values sheet that you can use as a guide: