Unlocking the joy of reading and ensuring success for diverse learners becomes an accessible and engaging journey through a clear understanding of what to teach and effective instructional strategies. By leveraging targeted instruction and a thoughtful approach, educators can empower students with the necessary skills to thrive in their reading journey.

Malia Howell, the founder, and CEO of Playdough to Plato, is passionate about helping and guiding teachers in their work with diverse learners. When asked if she began her career with balanced literacy or used leveled readers, Malia, like many other teachers, admitted she started her career focused on balanced literacy. While this approach aims to develop students' reading and writing skills and promote a love for reading, and foster independent and proficient readers and writers, it's been proven otherwise based on decades of research that the science of reading is the more effective, explicit route to go, especially when working with our language-based learning difference students in the classroom.

 Join Malia at Playdough to Plato and discover the power of balanced literacy. Take your students' reading journey to new heights! Listen now!

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Malia Holowell
  • Malia’s teaching career 
  • Balanced literacy
  • About how her book “ The Science of Reading in Action” came to fruition
  • About Playdough to Plato and what resources that she highly recommend for teachers and parents to use for their dyslexic learners
  • Reading roadmap training

About Malia Hollowell 

Malia Hollowell is the founder and CEO of The Reading Roadmap, a revolutionary professional development training that provides the tools, training, and support teachers need to help every reader thrive. Malia is a National Board Certified teacher and earned her Master’s in Education from Stanford University. She and her husband live just outside of Seattle, Washington, with their three children. You can connect with her on Instagram at @playdough2plato.

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