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If we don't reflect on our core values and understand why we do what we do, then we won't have the motivation to stick to a job or career that we've chosen. It's perfectly acceptable to keep your personal and work life separate; boundaries help. However, in teacher school or culture, lines may get blurred, and this is where toxic mindsets and habits begin to creep in.

In today's episode, we will focus on the toxic teacher mindset. But first, let me ask you: Do you feel guilty about taking days off? Do you feel resentful when you're asked to do something you know you don't have time to do but still take on the task due to admin/peer pressure? Do you work around the clock with little to no self-care or time to do things you love? Are you angry that you aren't valued at work or treated like a professional?

If you said YES to all or most of those questions, then I have something I want you to put to good use. This journal is a resource to help you parse some things that may have happened last year or in prior years. This will help you understand how to shift from a toxic teacher mindset to a mindful, positive Teacherpreneur mindset.

Toxic Teacher Mindset Shift resource:”