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We all have limiting beliefs that hinder us from pursuing what we truly want. However, identifying these beliefs can help us prevent a toxic mindset.

In this episode, let's delve into some common limiting beliefs prevalent in teaching. When held by teachers, these beliefs can hinder their personal and professional growth. Here are a few limiting beliefs often encountered in the teaching profession: 

  1. You have to teach until retirement, then enjoy your freedom
  2. You have to stay in teaching because the pension is good
  3. If it's not coming easy, it's not worth doing
  4. I'm not qualified enough
  5. I need to do this on my own

I recommend exploring EP Limiting Beliefs Worksheet if you hold these limiting beliefs. This resource will help you delve deeper into your beliefs and question their validity. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be an excellent tool to utilize. CBT identifies and addresses distorted thoughts through various techniques. In my coaching program, I offer personalized guidance on CBT, allowing for a more in-depth exploration tailored to your specific needs. 

Using the worksheet, you will be prompted to examine whether these beliefs are based on truth or simply fabrications. This self-reflection process will enable you to challenge and replace negative thought patterns with more realistic and positive ones. It empowers teachers to question their assumptions and self-imposed limitations, fostering personal and professional growth.

Limiting Beliefs: