Advocating for children with developmental disabilities comes with its fair share of challenges, as this role requires exploring various obstacles while striving to ensure the rights of these children.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Michele Pitts-Brown, a licensed nurse and a mother of an autistic child, as she shares her journey. She discusses her book that illuminates parents' emotional journey when raising a child with autism, acknowledging the challenges and the roller coaster of emotions involved. Michele also addresses the stigma surrounding children with autism, explaining how society's limited understanding often leads to misconceptions about their behaviors and the need for inclusive environments that accommodate neurodiversity.

Gain valuable insights regarding the complexities of parenting a neurodiverse child, and tune in now!

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Michele Pitts-Brown
  • Parents’ emotional journey when raising a child with developmental disabilities particularly autism
  • Stigma surrounding autism
  • What point does Michele feel a parent needs to seek an advocate
  • How do people will find the right advocate
  • Rate for an advocate

About Michele Pitts-Brown

Michele Pitts-Brown,BSN, RN, LMSW, MLAW obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Howard University. She earned a master’s degree in Social Work at Norfolk State University and graduated from Regent University with a Master of Arts in Law degree. She has worked with children in behavioral health, school, and foster care settings. Michele resides in Virginia Beach, VA. She is married and has two adult children. Her son has autism. She uses her professional and personal experiences to advocate for children and families affected by developmental disabilities. 

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