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Managing money can be very hard as you have to consider budgeting and planning for your future purposes. However, you can make things work if you have the right money mindset.

This episode focuses on the money mindset. The key is to understand that money is emotional, and the goal is to take the emotion out of it and approach it logically and systematically, making it work for you. This concept aligns with what I discussed in a few prior episodes about setting boundaries. In this episode, I will share my personal experiences with my own money journey, including a negative encounter with a costly coach. I will emphasize the importance of understanding one's worth and creating new money rules, while also encouraging the idea of living a rich life based on individual values.

I encourage you, as listeners, to shift your mindset from working harder for more money to working smarter. So, here are the five Money Mindset questions to get you started.

Money Mindset organizer: