🎙 Podcast Show Notes: Setting Boundaries with Coach Lauren

Introduction: The Journey Begins (00:00.966)

Meet Coach Lauren as she embarks on a journey into the fascinating world of setting boundaries. In this episode, we explore the transformative power of understanding and establishing personal limits and the ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Segment 1: The Power of Saying “No” (02:20.59)

Coach Lauren takes us on a personal journey where she learns the significance of setting boundaries. In this engaging story, she shares the consequences of not having clear boundaries, both with oneself and others. We discover how impulsivity and financial struggles often intersect in the world of ADHD and the need for careful vetting and research before making life-altering decisions.

Segment 2: Types of Boundaries (04:36.266)

Explore the different facets of boundaries in this segment. Coach Lauren breaks down the various types of limitations, from financial boundaries with ourselves and others to personal, emotional, intellectual, time, and material boundaries. With relatable stories, she illustrates the challenges and importance of respecting privacy and individual values in our interactions.

Segment 3: Announcements and Upcoming Masterclass (19:16.791)

Coach Lauren shares exciting news about a free masterclass on discovering and nurturing your values. She emphasizes the need for active participation and engagement, clarifying that this is more than a passive experience. Discover how pre-qualifier calls help participants set expectations and create a dynamic learning environment. Plus, get a glimpse of the three-month coaching program built around the four pillars.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead (21:31.894)

As the episode ends, Coach Lauren wraps up her engaging discussion on setting boundaries. She extends a warm invitation to join her next week, where more empowering insights await.

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