Diverse literature, including wordless books, promotes representation and literacy for all learners by allowing them to connect with characters who look like them and come from similar backgrounds. However, this requires ongoing collaboration and commitment from educators, parents, and communities.

Hanna Stroud, a Literacy Tutor & Consultant, shares that as a teacher, they saw firsthand how diverse literature impacted their students and became passionate about promoting literacy for all children. They believe diverse literature is essential for learners to see themselves represented and learn about people from different backgrounds. Hanna discusses that to find diverse literature, educators and parents can search for books by diverse authors featuring various characters and utilize resources such as book lists and recommendations from diverse organizations. Also, incorporating diverse literature is crucial for promoting literacy and creating an inclusive learning environment that fosters empathy and understanding for people from all backgrounds.

Let's create an inclusive and equitable learning environment that supports the literacy development of all learners!

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Hanna Stroud
  • Their story and love for literacy
  • Importance of diverse literature for learners.
  • How to find diverse literature for learners.
  • Challenges of incorporating diverse literature when not supported.
  • Strategies for supporting educators and parents in incorporating diverse literature.
  • Benefits of diverse literature for struggling readers.
  • About dialogic reading

About Hanna Stroud 

Hanna Stroud has operated a private tutoring and consulting company, called My Literacy Space, since 2008 in Calgary, AB. They provide one-on-one tutoring sessions with a focus on boosting literacy skills. With their background as a Special Educational Assistant and Literacy Program Assistant for the Calgary Board of Education and being Canada's Lead National Trainer for Reading with TLC, Hanna has worked with a variety of learning styles in one-on-one, small group and classroom settings. One of their passions is to provide creative and engaging activities for children experiencing learning difficulties to increase student confidence, curiosity and foundational knowledge of reading and writing strategies. Using explicit teaching methods and a multisensory approach to all content areas, students are equipped with the necessary skills to become strong and engaged readers and writers. In addition to working with students, Hanna also offers professional development workshops and support for educators. These group and individualized training sessions raise literacy awareness, increase confidence and develop strong instructional practices. Hanna is also passionate about sharing diverse and inclusive picture books with families and other educators. Follow them @myliteracyspace on IG for daily book and literacy activity ideas!

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