Every child, including those with dyslexia, has their learning style for spelling and reading. Understanding and accommodating these individual differences is essential in supporting their educational journey.

In this episode, we are privileged to hear from Christine Blance, a Specialist OG-trained Dyslexia Tutor and CEO of Help for Dyslexia, as she shares her journey, profession, and connection to the dyslexia community. Christine reveals that her path into the dyslexia field has been a blessing. She further discusses the techniques she implements with her dyslexic students, including mnemonic devices that aid in memorization and spelling for improved learning outcomes.

Join us in this episode as Christine Blance shares her inspiring journey in the dyslexia community and reveals effective techniques she employs to support dyslexic learners.

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Christine and how did she stumble upon the dyslexia world
  • The technique she’s implementing with her dyslexic learners
  • How many mnemonics does she have
  • About help for dyslexia website and its mission
  • Other services that her business offers

About Christine Blance 

Christine Blance is a Specialist OG-trained Dyslexia Tutor who is now teaching on Zoom to pupils worldwide. She is passionate about taking students struggling with reading and spelling and raising them to levels so they can achieve potentials that were never thought possible. After many years of teaching in Secondary Schools, she is a biology graduate who was inspired by one of her first dyslexic students to specialize in this condition. After a year's training and gaining a British Dyslexia Institute Diploma, she returned to teaching in schools and began her own tutorial business where pupils of all ages came to the classroom in her home.

She has compiled an extremely effective teaching program incorporating mnemonic chants and phonic flashcards. The mnemonic chants are unique to her. The phonic flashcards are based on the Orton Gillingham method, which Christine was trained in. The associated structured worksheets are her creation. The entire teaching program is available on a memory stick and can be purchased on her website. The mnemonic chants have been published in a series of books called Spelling Success. All are on sale from Christine's website.  

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