As a mother, witnessing our child's journey with dyslexia can be emotionally challenging. However, it's essential to recognize that their dyslexia does not define them. Instead, it highlights their uniqueness and potential for greatness.

In this heartwarming episode, Lynn and Jon, the co-authors of “Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure,” generously share their personal experiences with dyslexia. Inspired by their struggles, they created the book to provide a relatable and empowering story for children facing similar challenges, all while raising awareness about this condition. Specifically designed for children aged 5 to 9, the book aims to foster understanding and empathy. Through Jon's dyslexic lens, we gain a unique perspective, appreciating his exceptional creativity, problem-solving skills, and distinctive way of thinking, which are strengths he brings to his daily life. From a mother's perspective, Lynn approached her son's dyslexic situation with concern and unwavering determination. She recognized his extraordinary strengths and encouraged him to embrace his individuality, understanding that dyslexia does not define his worth or restrict his limitless potential.

Discover the empowering world of “Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure” and join Lynn and Jon on their journey. Let's raise awareness and uplift young hearts together!

Join us in our mission to combat the literacy crisis and support individuals with dyslexia on their journey to reading success.

Highlights and Resources:

  • About Lynn and Jonathan and about the context of what Dyslexia is for them 
  • What's the inspiration behind their book and for what age group it is intended
  • What does life look like through Jon’s dyslexic lens
  • From a mom's perspective, how did Lynn view his son's dyslexic situation 
  • What does dyslexia looks like now for Jonathan
  • Living through COVID and being Dyslexic, how has that changed Jon view on Dyslexia
  • Advice Lynn can give to other moms who are struggling in early stages of their child’s dyslexic journey

About Lynn and Jonathan 

Jonathan Greenberg is the Author and Illustrator of Robby the Dyslexic Taxi. Born with dyslexia, Jonathan could not read and write like many other children his age. So instead of acting out, Jonathan used his struggle as a catalyst for creativity by expressing his ideas through art. Having overcome his learning impediment, Jonathan has fallen in love with reading. Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure exemplify Jonathan’s passion for writing and illustration. He and his mother and writing partner, Lynn, are already thinking of other stories that complement this book.

Lynn Greenberg is the co-author of Robby the Dyslexic Taxi. Lynn is the happiest wife, mom, and grandma. A very retired attorney who loves to cook, exercise, and read, she has seen how positivity with feelings and differences can allow children to grow into happy, productive adults. During COVID-19, when many families were living together with an abundance of unscheduled free time, Lynn and Jonathan began to work on the concepts and ideas for Robby. As ideas developed, they became increasingly invested in the character, his story, and the impact this endeavor could have on others.

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