Math can be problematic and fascinating for students as it challenges their brains to think deeply. However, for some students, math can be challenging and may feel like a daunting task.

In this episode, Adrianne Meldrum, the Founder and CEO of Made for Math, shares the story behind the business she built named “Made for Math.” She explains that her journey as a child who struggled with math is one of her inspirations behind the business. She also talks about math anxiety among students, similar to what she experienced, and how she overcame her math fears through perseverance. Adrianne discusses that a child with dyscalculia is not a low-intelligence child. Instead, they need help with mathematical processing. She emphasizes that these individuals are typically knowledgeable, much like in the case of dyslexia, where individuals struggle with mapping sounds onto the symbolic representation.

Join us in this episode as we explore math's complex yet intriguing world. Take advantage of listening to this episode now!

Highlights and Resources:

  • The story behind her business ( Made for Math }
  • About math anxiety
  • How to get diagnosis for dyscalculia and what’s the next step looks like
  • Understanding our child and how to support them
  • Learning packages of Made for Math

About Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum is the Founder and CEO of MFM. She is a certified teacher with over a decade of experience tutoring middle and high school students in math. She received training from in Multisensory Math 1 & 2. With her many years as a tutor and owner of MFM, Adrianne has seen up close how using multisensory math techniques with students leads to more confidence, higher grades, but also a rooted understanding of how math works. Adrianne’s goal is to bring multisensory math to as many students as possible. To help those who learn differently to have success in the classroom and in life.

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