There are numerous tools and websites available that can assist struggling learners in various subjects and learning styles. 

In this episode, Ali Young, the owner of The Learning Lab, shares her journey from being an educator to starting her own business focused on helping struggling learners with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and explains her reasons for building her business. She emphasizes the need for appropriate instruction and early intervention for dyslexic students. Ali highlights the importance of addressing social-emotional aspects and creating a safe and supportive environment for these students. She also encourages teachers to educate themselves about dyslexia, its signs, and best practices in reading and spelling instruction, such as Orton Gillingham.

🎧 Ready to learn about the inspiring journey of Ali Young, the owner of The Learning Lab? Please tune in to this episode and discover how she's making a difference in the lives of struggling learners with specific learning disabilities. 

Highlights and Resources:

  • Aly’s inspiration in building the learning lab and her journey
  • Advice she can give people to feel empowered in the classroom to support these students
  • About Orton Gillingham
  • How did she impact her former learners and how does that translate into the services for their learning
  • Services of Learners Lab

About Aly Young 

Aly Young, the owner of the Learning Lab, is a notorious mover-and-shaker who gets things done at The Learning Lab!

Her background in psychology and sociology led her to explore her passion for education and learning by teaching in various settings, ranging from private to public to charter schools. In every school, Aly noticed that there were always kids who struggled with the material, not because they weren’t smart or weren’t trying, but because the approach was wrong.

That firsthand experience showed Aly that learning isn’t strictly academic, it is not black and white. Learning is a complex process that involves social and emotional functioning and an understanding that every brain processes information differently. This is the realization that inspired her to work on The Learning Lab to help struggling learners find success, build confidence, and let go of frustration.

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